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Our Clients Say

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I’ve been training at Box & Breathe for about 2 months now after signing up for a charity boxing match. I’ve known Daniel the owner/coach for a long while and also a lot of the members that train there. I couldn’t speak more highly of Dan’s coaching, patience, expertise, enthusiasm, positivity and ability to create an enjoyable training environment. All the members are extremely friendly, welcoming and encouraging. It’s an awesome atmosphere every time you step into the gym and instantly puts you in a better mood. As for the style of training I’ve done lots of different fitness training over the years. CrossFit, road running, swimming as well as played and trained for lots of different sports. I’ve been surprised at how many calories you burn boxing training. Far more than any other activity I do or have done. The sessions always fly though which is another good indication your enjoying it and training isn’t a chore.

Ben Cohen

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